Fattoria Ravagli

Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1989: Fattoria Ravagli produces olive oil organic exclusively with olives from the farm's olive groves, a 0 km product that fully represents the peculiarities of Tuscan oil.

Production Olive Oil

The extra virgin olive oil produced in Tuscany is one of the most appreciated in the world. The several hectares of land in Valdibure have been dedicated for decades to the growing of the typical tuscan olive varieties: leccio, frantoio and moraiolo. Olive harvest starts in November and represents the hardest working period of the year: from human effort and care you get a product of undisputedly quality, unique in its features that has obtained the ORGANIC CERTIFICATION by Bioagricert Srl.

Olive Oil Mill

The heart of the Fattoria Ravagli is the olive oil mill installed in 2004 since the family was enabled to produce the Ravagli Extra Virgin Olive Oil completely autonomous, from the harvest to the finished product, giving it a unique value. Shortly after harvesting the olives are taken to the mill and cold-pressed, thus allowing them to retain their flavour, smell, colour and taste, and ensuring that the product doesn't suffer from any kind of contamination. Our oil mill is different from the oldest ones because the product is protected from air and light throughout the entire process, preventing oxidation and the loss of the organoleptic properties

Cold pressing

The modern oil mill of Fattoria Ravagli is made up of three parts which correspond to three olive processing stages: washing machine, milling machine and decanter. The first stage is the washing of the olives, which is needed to eliminate the leaves and other impurities, then the olives are transferred to the milling machine that separates and mills the stones separately from the pulp (innovative patented system). The paste obtained is kneaded for about 40 minutes in a stainless steel tank that protects the oil from light, then passes to the decanter (the main part of the mill) where the separation of oil, water and olive pomace (solid part of the olives) takes place at a constant monitored temperature between 18 and 22 °C (optimal temperature for the "cold" separation).