Fattoria Ravagli

Ravagli Tuscan Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil is obtained solely from the cold pressing of the olives harvested in our olive groves on the Pistoia hills; The several hectares of land in Valdibure have been dedicated for decades to the growing of the typical olive varieties: leccio, frantoio and moraiolo.

Ravagli Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Organic Certified by Bioagricert Srl, the Authorized National Body for the Control and Certification of Organic Productions.

Fattoria Ravagli

The Ravagli family produces extra virgin olive oil since 1989 in Valdibure, a beautiful hill area with a breathtaking view on Pistoia. Ravagli Extra Virgin Olive Oil means quality and authenticity. The organic farm is located in one of the best areas for olive growing and the production is performed according to the newest technologies and to the ancient traditions at the same time, exclusively with olives from the farm itself and manufactured in the farm's own mill.

Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

The Fattoria Ravagli organic farm is proud of its final product, unique in its properties and able to satisfy even the most demanding client. The lovers of original and organic agriculture will certainly appreciate the high quality of this extra virgin olive oil, obtained thanks to various factors such as the location of the farm, at 360 meters above see level, the clay soil where olive trees grow best, the sun exposure etc. In such an incontaminated area as Valdibure it's easy to obtain a high-quality product.

Olive Oil Mill Fattoria Ravagli

Encouraged by all these things, the Ravagli family started the production of organic agricultural products and installed an olive oil mill, so that olives could be pressed directly inside the farm. In this way, time between harvest and pressing is significantly reduced to just a few hours, leaving the olive oil production chain unaltered. Aroma, scent, color and taste do not undergo alterations or contaminations of any kind.